Hanayama Cast L6 Hourglass Huzzle

This Huzzle puzzle is created from two types of pieces. With a scrupulously calculated design and tricky mocement, this will not be an easy puzzle to solve. Designed by JinHoo Ahn

Hanayama Cast L4 UFO Huzzle

This uniquely shaped Huzzle puzzle has spheroidal pieces in the centre that may slip and slide away as you try to remove them. Designed by Vesa Timonen

Hanayama Cast L6 Trinity Huzzle

A Huzzle puzzle that interlocks each piece with the two other pieces via an elusive, organic deisgn. Designed by Kyoo Wong.

Hanayama Cast L4 U&U Huzzle

Two U – shaped bolts and four nuts. This Huzzle puzzle comes with a veciously hidden trick. The key to unlocking these is to look carefully at each part first.

Hanayama Cast L4 Keyhole Huzzle

Here is a challenging maze. At first glance, the two pieces have simple concave and convex angles on their flat surfaces. In this Huzzle puzzle, you must twist and turn the pieces around. But be careful, if you rush, you will come to a dead end.

Hanayama Cast L4 Hexagon Huzzle

This Huzzle puzzle is made up of four hexagon-shaped pieces. There is an inside part with three puzzle pieces and an outside frame.

Hanayama Cast L4 Mobius Huzzle

The Mobius Strip is a complex surface where the front and back are indistinguishable. As you move forward in this Huzzle puzzle, the front becomes the back and vice versa, leaving you perplexed. Deisnged by Oskar van Deventer

Hanayama Cast L5 Marble Huzzle

This advanced design is the creation of Bram Cohen and Oskar van Deventer. If you succeed in breaking up the marble, carefully examine the surface of the sections of each piece.